filling lines:

Pacmac offers complete automatic and semi-automatic filling lines for packaging of powders, liquids, paste, and dry food products. Pacmac also specializes in filling lines specifically designed for infant formula and dairy products; satisfying the stringent requirements for quality, clean-in-place (CIP), and shelf-life.

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filling lines – infant formula / milk powder

Pacmac’s powder filling lines for dairy products including milk powder and infant formula are designed to meet the stringent quality requirements of the dairy industry.

Product quality and freshness is ensured by passing the empty tin containers through Pacmac’s cleaning and sterilization equipment prior to filling. Extended product shelf-life is achieved through modified atmosphere packaging by vacuumizing and inert gas purging of the filled containers prior to closing and seaming. Sanitary design features allow for the easy cleaning and maintenance of the entire line.

High production rates can be offered by incorporating multi-head filling systems, while the use of in-line check-weighers offer superior fill accuracy and reduced product giveaway.

filling Equipment offered:

‒ Single / Multi-Head Auger Filler

‒ Product transfer systems (from floor or mezzanine level)

special equipment offered:

‒ Can cleaning & UV disinfection

‒ Vacuum Gassing

‒ Check weighing

‒ Metal detection / X-Ray Inspection

‒ Scoop insertion

‒ Can over-lidding

typical equipment layout